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Project 52 | Week 1

I have decided to participate in a Project 52 this year. In recent years, I have tried unsuccessfully to do a Project 365 but really, taking a great photo every day is just, well, hard! My project 52 goal is to take more photos of my own kids this year. Not just snapshots but great photos!

I was playing with my new Speedlite this week and while processing the photos in LR tonight, I found this one. It was very overexposed, almost completely white. I tried to recover it but it was still very blown out. Usually I would just black flag and delete but I absolutely adored her facial expression and her eyes were still very sharp. I used a few tweaks in LR and a few additional touches in PS CS4 and came up with this.

The advantage of shooting RAW even for my own kids snapshots is sometimes overwhelming. I love it!

The theme this week over at Let’s Do 52 is “All Natural” and I think this photo shows my 3yr old daughter being herself..naturally!

52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE

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