NICU Early Birds

Last year I had the opportunity to photograph a sweet littly guy with his mama in the NICU at a local hospital.  Since then, I  have prayerfully felt a strong pull on my heart to give back to parents with babies in the NICU.  I’ve heard from several parents about the struggles and hardships, and while I can’t emotionally know their distress, I can offer them LOVE. And so I do the best way I know how and that’s to GIVE THEM 100% complimentary portrait sessions that include digital images via private download. They don’t get the chance to have a “normal” experience of rooming with baby before bringing baby home or getting a typical newborn portrait session the first few days after.  The fee of a typical newborn session is the last thing on parents minds as meals, childcare, travel and medical bills will need to come first! It’s a very different journey, but one that deserves to be remembered. Celebrate the Early Birds!

Some very important things you need to know about these sessions, please read all the way through.

1. I am just one person. I’m not affiliated with any charity organization or any hospital. I gift these from my own heart and use personal time away from my family to do them. I come to hospital as a guest of the family. Please do not wait to schedule your session. Due to my personal schedule, I can only do NICU sessions on weekdays.  Please know I make every effort to fill requests for NICU sessions however I can not guarantee I will always be available. Please contact me as soon as possible.

2. Due to the high demand of these sessions, as of 2017, I have to put stipulations on them that the sessions are for babies born prior to 34 weeks, no plans for baby to go home within 7 days, and are most importantly, NOT BORN DRUG DEPENDENT (with the exception of babies who have/will have adoptive parents).

3. I do not bring anything into the NICU with me other than my camera. The sessions are ‘lifestyle’ which means life as it is. Cuddling, feeding, tubes, monitors, all of it. Parents are welcome to provide a blanket, hat, or outfit but it’s not required.

4. I will not photograph baby in NICU if I am feeling ill or if one of my children are ill. I do not handle babies, moving them is left up to a parent or a nurse only. This is purely a liability issue.

5. I do not use flash photography in the NICU.

6. Sessions last about 30 minutes, twins may take longer. It will take about 2-3 weeks to get your images to you. I select the best images to edit and share and they will be available via digital download only. A CD or DVD will not be provided.

7. As with all portrait sessions, parents must sign a full release allowing me to photograph their child and themselves. Your session may be blogged to share the work I do for NICU families HOWEVER the only info I share is the baby’s FIRST name only and some little details like how early they were, etc. Last names are never shared, parents names are never shared (they may be tagged on Facebook if we are connected there and you say it’s ok).

8. Due to the time and distance from my home, the only NICU I am able to provide these sessions for at this time is CAMC Women & Children’s in Charleston, WV.

9. If you decide you would like to have a newborn portrait session once baby is home, I can offer you 20% off the current session fee. Please let me know if you would like to book and we will get started planning your portrait session! Every baby deserves a beautiful portrait session when they are finally home!

Please fill out the release HERE and then email me at to schedule your NICU session. Thank you!!

Bereavement Photography

For those who have lost a baby, my deepest sympathy is with you and your family. The death of an infant is something no parent should ever have to experience. Most families are skeptical about receiving images of their baby, however they are always thankful that they did. Please contact me so we can preserve your memories.